Linux Questions & Answers on Startup & Shutdown for Freshers

1. Which of the following is not a valid run-level

a) S
b) 0
c) 8
d) 1
Answer: c
2. On Linux, initrd is a file

a) Containing root file-system required during bootup
b) Contains only scripts to be executed during bootup
c) Contains root-file system and drivers required to be preloaded during bootup
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c
3. Which is loaded into memory when system is booted?

a) Kernel
b) Shell
c) Commands
d) Script
Answer: a
4. The process of starting up a computer is known as

a) Boot Loading
b) Boot Record
c) Boot Strapping
d) Booting
Answer: c
5. Bootstrapping is also known as

a) Quick boot
b) Cold boot
c) Hot boot
d) Fast boot
Answer: b
6. The shell used for Single user mode shell is:

a) bash
b) Csh
c) ksh
d) sh
Answer: d
7. Single user mode shell runs as

a) Admin user
b) Root user
c) Normal user
d) Log user
Answer: b
8. Which is the only partition mounted in Single user mode

a) boot
b) usr
c) root
d) tmp
Answer: c
9. Which daemon manages the physical memory by moving process from physical memory to swap space when more physical memory is needed.

a) Sched daemon
b) Swap daemon
c) Init daemon
d) Process daemon
Answer: b
10. At the end of kernel bootstrap, which process is started?

a) /etc/init
b) /etc/sched
c) /etc/swap
d) /etc/kernel
Answer: a
11. The process id of init process is:

a) -1
b) 0
c) 1
d) 2
Answer: c
12. Which file is read by init to get the default runlevel

a) /etc/profile
b) /etc/init
c) /etc/boot
d) /etc/inittab
Answer: d

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