What are the Various Desktop Icons?

When you open the computer initial screen appears is called the desktop. The desktop contains various icons, files and short cuts. Desktop normally contains:

·         My Computer

·         My Documents

·         Internet Explorer

·         Network Neighborhood and

·         Recycle Bin.

My Computer:- My computer contains various disk drives that is floppy disk. This is an internal part of the computer when you click. On this you will get various files and folders hard disk may split into and soon.

My documents:- My documents contain various documents in the system.

Internet Explorer:- The internet explorer is used as browser for viewing internet.

Network Neighborhood:- The network neighborhood icon shows what are the other computers that are connected to our computer.

Recycle Bin:- Recycle bin is just like a waste box in which all deleted files are stored. It shows all the unnecessary files, actually the files are not deleted they have been kept temporarily in recycle bin. It we do not require them later than we can delete then permanently otherwise the files can be recovered and opened whenever required. 


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