Features of SQL & SQL Plus


SQL is, a common language for communicating with oracle server database to access the data. SQL is based on ASCII standards and SQL manipulates data and table definitions in database environment.

1. The SQL commands can be used by a range of users

2. It is a non-procedural language

3. It reduces the amount of time required for writing and manipulating the systems

4.  It is like an English language PL/SQL:

PL/SQL is an extension of SQL. PL/SQL block can contain any number of SQL statements integrated with how to control statements. Therefore, SQL combines the data manipulating power of SQL with data processing power of procedural languages. Thus SQL plus is an extension to SQL and SQL is a subset of SQL *plus


SQL* plus recognizes SQL statements and sends them to the server. SQL Plus is oracle proprietary  interface for executing SQL commands. It does not allow manipulation of values in the database.


1 .SQL plus accepts adhoc (temporary) statements
2. It accepts SQL input from the files
3. It  provides a line environmental setting
4. It provides a line editor for modifying the SQL statements
5. It formats query results into basic reports
6. It access local and remote data bases.


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