Multiple choice Questions and Answers – Virtualization Technologies of Cloud Computing for Freshers

1. Which of the following correctly represents different types of mobile patterns ?
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a

Explanation: You can define the features in software and hardware that enables flexibility as conforming to one or more of the mobility patterns.
2. Point out the wrong statement :

a) Abstraction enables the key benefit of cloud computing: shared, ubiquitous access
b) Virtualization assigns a logical name for a physical resource and then provides a pointer to that physical resource when a request is made
c) All cloud computing applications combine their resources into pools that can be assigned on demand to users
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: c

Explanation: Several important cloud computing approaches use a strictly hardware-based approach to abstraction.
3. Which of the following type of virtualization is also characteristic of cloud computing ?

a) Storage
b) Application
c) CPU
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: To enable these characteristics, resources must be highly configurable and flexible.
4. The technology used to distribute service requests to resources is referred to as :

a) load performing
b) load scheduling
c) load balancing
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: c

Explanation: Load balancing is an optimization technique.
5. Point out the correct statement :

a) A client can request access to a cloud service from any location
b) A cloud has multiple application instances and directs requests to an instance based on conditions
c) Computers can be partitioned into a set of virtual machines with each machine being assigned a workload
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: Alternatively, systems can be virtualized through load-balancing technologies.
6. Which of the following software can be used to implement load balancing ?

a) Apache mod_balancer
b) Apache mod_proxy_balancer
c) F6’s BigIP
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: b

Explanation: Load balancing can be used to increase utilization and throughput, lower latency, reduce response time, and avoid system overload.
7. Which of the following network resources can be load balanced ?

a) Connections through intelligent switches
b) DNS
c) Storage resources
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: Load balancing provides the necessary redundancy to make an intrinsically unreliable system reliable through managed redirection.
8. Which of the following is a more sophisticated load balancer ?

a) workload managers
b) workspace managers
c) rackserve managers
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: a

Explanation: They determine the current utilization of the resources in their pool.
9. An ______ is a combination load balancer and application server that is a server placed between a firewall or router.

a) ABC
b) ACD
c) ADC
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: c

Explanation: An Application Delivery Controller is assigned a virtual IP address (VIP) that it maps to a pool of servers based on application specific criteria.
10. Which of the following should be replaced with the question mark in the following figure ?
a) Abstraction
b) Virtualization
c) Mobility Pattern
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: b

Explanation: Virtualization is a key enabler of the first four of five key attributes of cloud computing.


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