Draw a neat sketch of Photoshop application window? Explain its parts in detail?

Draw a neat sketch of Photoshop application window? Explain its parts in detail?

· Title Bar: Title bar always displays the name of the program that you are currently working, so title bar contains Adobe Photoshop.

·       Menu Bar: Menu bar is a horizontal bar; it contains file, edit, image, layer, select, filter, view, window, and help menus. All options for working with the Photoshop are available in the menus.


·         Options bar: Every tool in Photoshop Elements has options that you can change; options bar contains the options for your currently using tool in the toolbar.

·         Tool bar: Tool bar is a vertical bar; it has so many tools that enable us to design an efficient image. Tool bar contains the following tools, they are: marquee tool, move tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool, crop tool, slice tool, healing brush tool, brush tool, clone stamp tool, history brush tool, eraser tool, gradient tool, blur tool, dodge tool, path selection tool, horizontal type tool, Pen tool, rectangle tool, notes tool, eye dropper tool, hand tool, zoom tool, set foreground and background tool, etc.

·         Current document: which document you are currently working is called as current document.

·         Panes: Panes are also vital features that relay all kinds of information like tool options, layer selection, history, display location information, and text style, among others. Here is a list of panes you are most likely to encounter when you start using Photoshop: Palettes, Layers, etc.


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