Write about different toolbar’s available in MS word ?

What are the different parts of MS word window?

toolbar’s available in MS word
Title bar : It displays currently running document name.

Menu bar : It contains list of option to manage or customize documents when you point any menu title and click once with the mouse the menu will open displaying all the commands under this menu clicking on the derived command would tell word to execute that command

Standard toolbar : It contain short cut buttons for the most popular commands that help you after appearance and arrangement at the document by executing a variety of word commands without having to go through menus

Formatting toolbar : it contain icons used for formatting i.e, changing the look as your text eg font styles , font sizes , font adjustments

Ruler : It is used to set margins and index Insertion point : The location where, the next character appears

Scroll bar : It is used to view the parts of a document or used to travel with in your documents. You can go any where up and down, left and right in your document using the horizontal and vertical scroll bars with mouse or using the key board press Pg up , Pg down home and end arrow keys

Status bar : This is normally the last line on your screen. This gives the information about current page,  total pages in the documents , cursor position and current line number.


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