What are the Various Features and Advantages of MS WORD ?

The word processor has many unique features as follows : - 1) Typing easy : In MS WORD typing is so easy because We need not click ...

The word processor has many unique features as follows : -

1) Typing easy : In MS WORD typing is so easy because
  1. We need not click enter button after end of the line as the type writer. The word processor itself takes matter to the next line of the document. This facility is called word wrapping
  2. There is no limit for typing the matter
  3. You can easily correct mistakes as the typing matter appears on the screen
2) Saving: The document type can be stored for future use. We can preserve the document for any number of years in word processing

3) Adding, removing and applying text : Documents can be modified easily in MS office we can easily place a new word in place of existing one. The new words will automatically be adjusted in the place of deleted or modified text. We can also copy a part or whole of the matter from one document to another document

4) Spell check of words : The spelling of the words in the document can be rectified automatically we can also find alternative words to our typed words. The grammatical errors can also be rectified in word processor.

5) Change the style and shape of characters and paragraph :
The documents in word processor can be made attractive because the shape and style of characters in the documents can be changed according to our requirement

6) Bullets and Numbering :
Bullets are special symbols which can be put for different points, paragraphs and documents where as numbers are ascending figure while 1,2,3 etc.

7) Headers and footers : A header is the text appearing above the documents and footer is the text appearing below the documents

8) Creation of tables : If you give directions for required number of rows and columns word provides a ready made table to work

9) Inserting pictures and objects : In the word processor we can insert the pictures in the document to make it more attractive. These pictures can be obtain from clip art which is available in word processor

10) Preview facility : Before getting a print out of our document we can get a preview of document if mistakes are there we can change the document

11) Mail merge facility : If you want to send information to different persons there is a facility in word processor known as mail merge the main body of the letters can be typed once and we can send the same to different addresses

12) Macros : With the help of macros we can avoid certain type of repetitive works. This saves our time and efforts.

Advantages :

1) Quality: Word produces error free documents. The spell and grammar check in word processing makes the document to be error free.

2) Storage of text: We can take any number of copies with word processor. If we need this same document with slight changes we need not type the same letter again just by making some slight changes we can obtain a modified copy easily.

3) Time saving : We can get any number of copies of documents in future without re typing

4) Securities: We can protect the documents of word by giving pass word.

5) Dynamic exchange of data: We can have dynamic exchange of objects and pictures from other documents into word processing document. The documents can be linked each other.


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