Write about Headers and Footers in MS Word ?

Headers and footers are placed to put repetitive information in documents at the top and bottom of the page. The headers are printed at the top of the page and the footers are printed at the bottom of the page

Headers and footers options is available in view menu we can use headers and footers to print small text like dates automatic page numbers and insert graph symbols in the documents. You can specify different contents for each section of the document, odd or even pages we can have different design if you wish

Once headers and footers have applied to a document it is possible to see and edit them on page layout view they are displayed in print preview option

Creating headers and footers :

To enter a header that repeats on all pages in your document

  1. Choose view header and footers or double click in the header area of the first page to be modified in the page layout.
  2. Word will switch to page layout view and display the header and footer tool bar
  3. Create and edit header text, you can also insert graphics, apply styles and other formula
  4. Use the automatic page number, time and date feature as per your requirement
  5. Double click in the main document to return to work these, you can enter footers the same way as header, accept that to work in footer a window
Creating different headers and footers for odd and even pages:

  1. Place the insertion point in the section where you want the odd / even effect to begin
  2. Open the page set up dialogue box from file menu and click the layout tab
  3. Click the different odd and even choice in the headers and footers area and then click ok.


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