Computer Fundamentals Multiple choice Questions and Answers on ASCII for Freshers

1. What does ASCII stand for?

a) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
b) American Scientific Code for Information Interchange
c) American Scientific Code for Interchanging Information
d) American Standard Code for Interchanging Information
Answer: a

Explanation: The ASCII codes are used to represent the bits into symbols and vice versa. ASCII is the American Standard Code which is used to exchange information.
2. The decimal representation for the character ‘!’ in ASCII is ____________

a) 31
b) 32
c) 33
d) 34
Answer: c

Explanation: The decimal representation of a few basic characters are:
33 : !
34 : ”
35: #
36 :$.
3. The two types of ASCII are _____________ and ____________

a) ASCII-4 and ASCII-8
b) ASCII-8 and ASCII-16
c) ASCII-7 and ASCII-8
d) ASCII-4 and ASCII-16
Answer: c

Explanation: The two types of ASCII are ASCII-7 and ASCII-8. ASCII-7 uses 7 bits for the representation of numbers and ASCII-8 uses 8-bits.
4. Any set of digits or alphabets are generally referred as ______________

a) Characters
b) Symbols
c) Bits
d) Bytes
Answer: a

Explanation: We refer to the digits and alphabets generally as characters. A character is generally a unit of information in computers.
5. The first 128 characters are the same in both the types of ASCII i.e. ASCII-7 and ASCII-8.

a) True
b) False
Answer: a

Explanation: There are two types of ASCII codes: ASCII-7 and ASCII-8. ASCII-7 uses 7 bits to represent a number whereas ASCII-8 uses 8-bits to represent a number.
6. The number of characters that can be represented in ASCII-8 are ______________

a) 128
b) 256
c) 32
d) 64
Answer: b

Explanation: ASCII-8 can represent 256 different characters. ASCII-8 uses 8-bits for the representation of numbers i.e. it can represent 28 = 256 different characters.
7. The zone of alphabetic characters from A to O in ASCII is _____________

a) 1000
b) 0100
c) 0010
d) 0001
Answer: b

Explanation: The zone used by ASCII for alphabets is 0100. For e.g. A is represented as 0100(zone)0001(digit). The hex equivalent is 41 for A. The zone used by numbers is 0011.
8. The representation of the number 8 in binary in ASCII-8 format _________

a) 00111000
b) 01001000
c) 1000
d) 00011000
Answer: a

Explanation: The ASCII-8 format will have 8 bits. The zone for the character 8 is 0011 and the digit is 1000. Therefore, its representation is 00111000.
9. Binary Coding for the letter X is ______________

a) 01011000
b) 00111000
c) 10001000
d) 00010100
Answer: a

Explanation: The binary coding for the letter X is 01011000. Here, 0101 is the zone whereas 1000 is the digit. The alphabets from P to Z have the zone 0101.
10. Express the ASCII equivalent of the signed binary number (00110010)2.

a) 2
b) 1
c) A
d) ,
Answer: a

Explanation: The ASCII characters for the remaining options are:
1 : 00110001
A : 01000001
, : 00101100.


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