Computer Fundamentals Multiple choice Questions and Answers on Firmware & MiddleWare for Freshers

1. The software substituted for hardware and stored in ROM.

a) Synchronous Software
b) Package Software
c) Firmware
d) Middleware
Answer: c

Explanation: Software refers to a collection of programs. Firm wares act as a link between the hardware and the system. It is stored in read only memory.
2. Middleware has enabled the production of various types of smart machines having microprocessor chips with embedded software.

a) True
b) False
Answer: b

Explanation: The statement is false. Firmware is designed for this purpose and not middleware. A middleware is for providing abstraction in programming.
3. A “glue” between client and server parts of application.

a) Middleware
b) Firmware
c) Package
d) System Software
Answer: a

Explanation: A middleware acts as a glue between client and server parts of application. It provides programming abstraction which means hiding all the relevant details.
4. MOM stands for?

a) Message oriented middleware
b) Mails oriented middleware
c) Middleware of messages
d) Main object middleware
Answer: a

Explanation: MOM is message-oriented middleware. It is basically responsible for sending and receiving messages across distributed systems.
5. Storage of firmware is ___________

a) Cache Memory
b) RAM
c) External
d) ROM
Answer: d

Explanation: Firmware is stored in ROM which is the read only memory. Firmware basically acts as a link between the hardware and the system.
6. DNS stands for?

a) Domain Name System
b) Direct Name System
c) Direct Network System
d) Domain Network System
Answer: a

Explanation: DNS stands for Domain Name System. Domain name system is the way in which the internet domain names are traced and then translated into IP addresses.
7. A software that lies between the OS and the applications running on it.

a) Firmware
b) Middleware
c) Utility Software
d) Application Software
Answer: b

Explanation: It is called as middleware. Middleware enables the interaction between the Operating System and the applications running on it.
8. A type of middleware that allows for between the built-in applications and the real-time OS?

a) Firmware
b) Database middleware
c) Portals
d) Embedded Middleware
Answer: d

Explanation: It is called the embedded middleware since it activates the communication link between the built-in applications and the real time operating system.
9. What is the other name for object middleware?

a) Object request interface
b) Object enabled interface
c) Object Request broker
d) Object enabled broker
Answer: c

Explanation: It is also called as object request broker. It gives the applications ability to send the objects and receive services through an object.
10. The _______ calls certain procedures on remote systems and is used to perform synchronous or asynchronous interactions between systems.

a) Procedure
b) RPC
c) Message Oriented
d) DB
Answer: b

Explanation: It is called the RPC or the Remote Procedure Call. The functioning is to call certain procedures on remote applications. This is generally utilized in a software application.


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