Multiple choice Questions and Answers on Cloud Data Management Interface of Cloud Computing for Freshers

1. Which of the following sells a server referred to as Cloud Attached Storage ?

d) All of the mentioned
Answer: b

Explanation: Cloud Attached Storage is meant for the Small and Medium Business.
2. Point out the correct statement:

a) The CTERA Cloud Attached Storage backup server has the attributes of a NAS
b) CDMI removes older information that is no longer operational and saves it for long-term storage
c) OCMI cloud backup provides a solution that optimizes the backup based on bandwidth availability
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a

Explanation: Backed up data may be shared between users.
3. The development of systems on a chip has enabled CTERA to create a scaled-down version of the CTERA server called the CTERA __________

a) CloudPlug
b) NextCloud
c) CloudNext
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a

Explanation: This palm-sized low-power device converts a USB/eSATA drive and your Ethernet network and turns the hard drive into a NAS server.
4. Which of the following filesystem can be backed up by CloudPlug ?

b) FAT32
c) EXT3
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: Laptops may be backed up from any location because they are assigned a roaming profile with dynamic IP support.
5. Point out the wrong statement:

a) Clients have browser-based access to the backups or can locally access files using CTERA “Virtual Cloud Drive” network drive
b) CloudPlug performs backup and synchronization services and then performs automated or on-demand backups and snapshots of your systems
c) CloudPlug uses UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and Bonjour to discover systems on the network
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: The software works with Microsoft Active Directory and allows for role-based user access.
6. Which of the following is open cloud storage management standard by SNIA ?

c) CEA
d) Adequate bandwidth
Answer: a

Explanation: CDMI stands for Cloud Data Management Interface.
7. Which of the following standard uses the same authorization and authentication mechanism as CDMI ?

a) SIA
b) NFS
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: b

Explanation: CDMI includes commands that allow applications to access cloud storage and create, retrieve, update, and delete data objects.
8. While working with storage domain model, CDMI allows for interoperation of which of the following clouds ?

a) public
b) private
c) hybrid
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: d

Explanation: The CDMI data object can manage CDMI containers, as well as containers that are accessible in cloud storage through other supported protocols.
9. In the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), the storage space is partitioned into units called _________

a) containers
b) workspace
c) replicas
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: a

Explanation: A container stores a set of data in it and serves as the named object upon which data service operations are performed.
10. Which of the following server performs the backups of clients without requiring any client-based software ?

a) Next3
b) OBackup
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: c

Explanation: CTERA cloud backup performs incremental backups from the server, compressing and encrypting the data that is transmitted to CTERA cloud storage servers where deduplication is performed.


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