Computer Fundamentals Multiple choice Questions and Answers on The Internet and its Services for Freshers

1. A network that links many different types of computers all over the world.

a) Intranet
b) Internet
c) Arpanet
d) LAN
Answer: b

Explanation: Internet is a network of computers that links many different types of computers. It is a network of network sharing a common mechanism for addressing computers.
2. Internet was evolved from the basic ideas of ARPANET.

a) True
b) False
Answer: a

Explanation: The statement is true. ARPANET is the first WAN i.e., Wide Area network that had only four sites in 1969 for interconnecting computers.
3. A service that allows a user to log in into another computer somewhere on the Internet.

a) Telnet
b) FTP
c) e-mail
d) UseNet
Answer: a

Explanation: Telnet is the answer. It is a service that enables the user to log into another computer somewhere on the Internet.
4. An internet service that allows the user to move a file.

a) FTP
b) Telnet
c) UseNet
d) Time Sharing
Answer: a

Explanation: The answer is FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows the user to move a file from one computer to another on the internet.
5. Anonymous FTP files are called ___________ accessible files.

a) Privately
b) Publicly
c) Batch
d) User
Answer: b

Explanation: Anonymous FTP files are called publicly accessible files because they can be accessed by any user on the Internet.
6. TCP stands for?

a) Transmission control program
b) Transmission control protocol
c) Transfer control program
d) Transfer control protocol
Answer: b

Explanation: TCP stands for transmission control protocol. It basically allows different networks to interconnect.
7. Any system that uses the HTTP protocol is called _________

a) Web Browser
b) Web Server
c) WWW
Answer: b

Explanation: The system is the web server. HTTP stands for Hypertext transmission protocol.
8. Any computer that can access the server is called?

a) Web Server
b) Web Browser
c) User
d) Web Client
Answer: d

Explanation: Any computer that has access to the web server is called the web client. Web server is any computer that uses the HTTP protocol.
9. Allows the user to create and maintain a personal list of favorite URL addresses.

a) Software
b) Web Servers
c) Web Browsers
d) WWW
Answer: c

Explanation: Web Browsers help the user to maintain a personal favorite list of URLs. Also, allows the user to download information on various formats.
10. URL stands for?

a) Uniform Resource Locator
b) Uniform Research Locator
c) Uniform Resource Link
d) Uniform Research Link
Answer: a

Explanation: WWW specifies the URL of a website and allows the user to access information. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.


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