Computer Fundamentals Multiple choice Questions and Answers on Internet of Things for Freshers

1. A network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics or softwares.

a) AI
b) ML
c) IOT
d) Internet
Answer: c

Explanation: IoT is a network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics or softwares. Iot allows objects to be controlled remotely across existing network.
2. RFID is a part of IoT.

a) True
b) False
Answer: a

Explanation: The statement is true. RFID is Radio frequency identification. Radio frequency identification is a part of IoT.
3. RFID stands for?

a) Random frequency identification
b) Radio frequency identification
c) Random frequency information
d) Radio frequency information
Answer: b

Explanation: Earlier, RFID or Radio frequency identification was a prerequisite for Internet of Things.
4. Which of the following is not involved in working of IoT?

b) Sensor
c) Nano tech
d) Server
Answer: d

Explanation: IoT works from RFID to Sensor, to Smart tech and then to Nano tech.
5. Making the smaller and smaller things have the ability to connect and interact.

a) Micro Tech
b) Smart tech
c) Nano tech
Answer: c

Explanation: Nano Tech is the term used when smaller things are made to interact and communicate. It is involved in the working of Iot also.
6. Wi-Fi stands for?

a) Wireless fidelity
b) Wireless Flexibility
c) Wide Fidelity
d) WAN Flexibility
Answer: a

Explanation: Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is widely used in both outdoor and indoor environments.
7. Diagnostics service for Cars.

b) AutoBot
c) IoT Assistant
d) IoT
Answer: b

Explanation: Autobot is a diagnostics service for cars. This service is integrated with several web services.
8. The father of ioT.

a) Kevin Atrun
b) Kevin Atrhur
c) Kevin Ashton
d) Kevin Thomas
Answer: c

Explanation: Kevin Ashton is the father of IoT. He believed IoT could turn the world into data.
9. Collect->Communicate->__________->Act

a) Acknowledge
b) Analyze
c) Examine
d) Rectify
Answer: a

Explanation: The correct option is analyze. This shows the lifecycle of IoT.
10. Several instructions execution simultaneously in?

a) processing
b) parallel processing
c) serial processing
d) multitasking
Answer: b

Explanation: In parallel processing, the several instructions are executed simultaneously. Parallel processing system provides the concurrent data processing to increase the execution time.


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