Computer Fundamentals Multiple choice Questions and Answers on Artificial Intelligence for Freshers

1. The technology that has the ability to interact with the world.

a) AI
b) ML
c) IOT
d) IT
Answer: a

Explanation: AI which is artificial intelligence is the ability to interact with the world. It is the ability to model the world and to learn and adapt.
2. The goal of AI is to build systems that exhibit intelligent behavior.

a) True
b) False
Answer: a

Explanation: The statement is true. There are 2 main goals in AI: to exhibit intelligent behavior and understand intelligence in order to model it.
3. The first neural network computer.

a) RFD
c) AM
d) AN
Answer: b

Explanation: SNARC was the first neural network computer. it was built by Minsky and Edmonds in 1956.
4. A hardware based system that has autonomy, social ability and reactivity.

a) AI
b) Autonomous Agent
c) Agency
d) Behavior Engineering
Answer: b

Explanation: The answer is Autonomous Agent. Autonomous agent has autonomy i.e. ability to operate without the direct intervention of humans or others.
5. A particular system that contains intelligent agents.

a) AI systems
b) Agency
c) Autonomous systems
d) Company
Answer: b

Explanation: It is called an agency. A particular system consisting of intelligent agents like computers or robots that cooperate to find the solution to a problem.
6. A methodology used to develop behavior-based autonomous agents.

a) Descriptors
b) Behavior engineering
c) Behavior modeling
d) Auto engineering
Answer: b

Explanation: The answer is behavior engineering. Autonomous agent implements autonomy, social ability and reactivity.
7. An international research effort to promote autonomous robots.

a) Fresh Kitty
b) RoboCup
c) AICup
Answer: b

Explanation: RoboCup is designed to promote autonomous robots. It is based on multi agent collaboration.
8. A type of non-monotonic reasoning.

a) Ordinary
b) Special
c) Duplicate
d) Default
Answer: d

Explanation: Default reasoning is a type of non-monotonic reasoning. Default logic is a non-monotonic logic proposed by Raymond Reiter to formalize reasoning with default assumptions.
9. The performance of an agent can be improved based on this.

a) Observe
b) Learn
c) Improvise
d) Implement
Answer: b

Explanation: An AI system is designed to learn and improve. The same is implemented on its agents.
10. Face recognition system is based on _____________

a) applied AI
b) parallel AI
c) serial AI
d) strong AI
Answer: a

Explanation: The answer is applied AI. It is based on applied artificial intelligence. It is an approach to develop commercially smart systems.


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