Explain the Over View of Excel Spread Sheet And its Features?

Micro soft excel is one of the most important applications in MS-office. The application consists columns and rows as a table and th...


Micro soft excel is one of the most important applications in MS-office. The application consists columns and rows as a table and the users can enter data into the cells.

A cell is a rectangular box that can be defined as, an intersecting of column lable and row number.

In excel spread sheet, there are 256 columns that are represented with A, B, C, D …….IV and the row numbers are represented from to 1 to 65,536 for a single sheet. A collection at all the work sheets together is known as a work book and the work book is saved with a file name and excel automatically provides an extension. xls.

When you activate excel spread sheet, you can see a limited columns and row numbers at time. But you can scroll the work sheet by sign arrow keys or mouse printer. The user can identify the cell position depending on the column label and row number such as D5. The cell A is known as home cell. When you address a cell on its position then it is known as cell addressing or cell reference.

Generally a work sheet consists a little bar, menu bar, standard tool bar, formatting tool bar etc…. a title bar consists in blue colour, a menu bar have pads such as file, edit, view, data and again each pad contains a pop up having the menu commands. The standard tool bar has a variety number of incomes which are the frequently required commands to use. The formatting tool bar provides options such as bolt, italic, under line, font size, font style alignments options, colours etc……. To format the data entered in the cells you can edit the cell and correct the data at any time in excel spread sheet.

The user can enter three kinds of data into the cells.

1) The text (A to Z , a to z including special characters).

2) Numeric data (0-9 including one decimal point).

3) Formula (Calculations on numeric data stored in the cells).
We provide a formula in a cell as a calculation on the cell references as numeric values that are already stored in the cells. We give using formula by equal to symbol before specifying the cell address. Once the formula is specified in a cell, it can be copied into the subsequent cells either by dragging the source cell to the designated cells, or by simply using copy and paste options which are available in edit menu.

You can select the cells as a range. A range can be defined as, a single cell or group at cells without leaving any row or column blank in between the selection. Thus a range is a high lighted position of the selected cells to perform an action.

Features of excel spread sheet:-

1) Excel is used to perform automatic calculations.

2) Excel can be used to prepare and maintain financial accounting system.

3) Excel provides a built in functions such as financial functions, mathematical functions, logical functions, statistical functions, string functions etc…….

4) Excel can be used as a data base to maintain the data.

5) Excel supports (Graphical user interface) GUI feature with windows operating system. So that you don’t need to remember the commands.

6) It facilitates online help with various tool bars.

7) Excel is used to generate chats for the data entered in the cells such as line chart, bar chart, xy, chart, pie chart and 3D charts etc., for easy understanding.

8) It support graphics to input and output which are developed in some other application.

9) Excel has a feature known as OLE (object linked and embedding), EED (data dynamic exchange) and hyper links etc.

10) Excel supports macros to make the job easy, macros can be recorded, edited and can be executed for quick response.

11) Excel has short cut key board commands to perform such as copy (ctrl + c), Paste (ctrl + v), cut (ctrl + x) which are the most required operations.

12) Excel facilitates a feature to analyses the data for large tables known as pivot table.

13) The data stored in the excel can be protected with a pass word security.

14) It supports function wizards, templates, dialogue boxes etc……...and also facilitates to correct the spellings, sorting of data and filtering data, auto filling data etc……..

15) Excel application is used to prepare budgetary controls such as cash budget, protection budget, sales budget………..

16) Excel facilitates a feature known as pivot tables to analyse the data for large tables.

17) The data can be stored in the excel can be protected with password security.

18) It supports function wizard, auto correct, and auto spelling of data, freezing panes option, data, sorting and data filtering etc…………


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