Explain the Steps to Create Tables in MS Access?

We can create a table in MS access by different methods to create a data base, select the table object so that it display 3 types of tables.

1) Create table in design view

2) Create table by using wizards

3) Create table by entering data

1) Create table in design view:- 

To create a table in design view, follow the below steps:

Double click the create table in design view option.

A table displays with a format giving three columns, defining the various fields in the field name column, data type of the column, the description field is optional, which is used to describe the field.


Define each of the filed in the table.

Click save button to save the format of table

A dialogue box displays to assign the table name.

Which is the file name and click OK button.

If there is primary key required then click yes button to define the primary key and close the table.

In this way you can create any table with different file names, store the records and the save it as well.

2) Create table by using wizards:-

You can create table through wizard which is faster and easy then other types. It is predefined setting to create a table by using wizard and the steps were as follows.


1) Click on the business radio button.

2) Choose employees from the sample tables. To give the same fields click on same field list to add the field from the same field, list to your new table, you can either double click on a field name (or) click on the > button between two windows, to add the (all the fields) click on the >> button.

3. To remove a filed from your table, first, you select the field and then click on the < button.

4. Then click on the wizard next button to continue.

5. You will be asked to name your table here and you can use a file name that includes spaces and longer names.

6. To access a data base, you need a primary key by clicking on the next button.

7. At this point, you can start entering data into the table that the wizard will create and then click on the finish button.

3. Create table by entering data:-

To create a table by entering data you can use the following steps.

1) Double click on create table by entering data option.

2) A blank data sheet is displayed and the default column names are mentioned as field 1, field 2, field3…………


3)  Rename each column by double clicking on the field. At a time you can see the fields in this table window.

4) Enter the data into the data sheet and save it by a assigning the primary key. If there is no primary key, simply save the table by giving the file name. 


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