Explain the Steps in Creating Forms in MS Access?

Forms are the modules that are used to design for simple data entry screen or display the information in a specific manner. Thus, forms allows us to add, modify and delete data from the database. Forms can be created in two ways:

1) Creating a form through wizard

2) Creating a form in a design window

1) Creating a form through wizard:-

1)To create a form, click on the forms option (available on left panel and then click on create form by using wizard).

2) Then form screen appears by using wizard.

3) You can get the field names list for the table.

4) Select the fields as per you choice. For this, to select on field, click on > symbol.

5) If you want to select all the fields of the table, then click on >> button and then click on the next button.

6) You can select any one of the form layout options shown in the form wizard screen.

7) Thus, you can have different designs to select you form in the form wizard screen. It means, if you select each form, then you know how each form appears. Select the required form and click on the next button.

8) A dialogue box appears to enter the form title, so that  enter the form title as you wish and then click on finish button.

Therefore you can get the desired form on the screen. You can see the selected fields of the table in that form to enter information (one record at a time) to update in the specified table.

2) Creating a form in design view:- 

You can use the following steps to create a form in a design view

1) In data base window, click on forms object.

2) Click on the view button on the data base window to import the data.

3) In dialogue box click on the design view.

4) Click the name of the table in which you want to include the data in a form.

5) Select and drag the fields from the data list in to the form.

6) In the design view, you can design the form as for your requirement by using the tool box.

7) After finishing your work, save your form by giving the title name and click on the finish button so that the next form appears to enter data on the screen.


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