Modern Communication Systems?

Communication is the process of transmitting the information from one person to another. The success of any person or institution depends of the effective communication. The communication methods have been classified into two categories.

Individual Communication: - Where two persons intercept like e-mail, phone conservation, it is called individual communication.

Group Communication: - When we communicate with large number of persons who feel themselves that they are only talking to another person’s at the same time. The chatting and teleconference are the examples of modern group communications.

Tele conference: - 

In teleconferencing two or more persons participate to discuss some issues on telephone. When two or more numbers want to engage on phone this tele conferencing facility is used. It is speed, reliable.

Voice Mail: - 

While the e-mail sends text, the voice mail transmits oral communication in computer. Voice mail is a form of communication in which a person sends the message in oral form. In voice mail, a special device called CODEC converts analog signals into digital signals and then these digital signals are again converted into analog signals by the CODEC at the other end. Just like email we can open voice mail and hear the voice message. For getting voice mail the sender usually registers his name and identification to the voice mail service providing organization.

Fax (Fax transmission):- 

The fax is one of the popular means of business communication. It allows the user to transmit the text, graphics and images directly through telephone lines. It works like a Xerox machine which gives duplicate copy of the same comes out from another end. The fax machine is connected to modem. It converts the documents into analog signals and then into auto digital signals and transmit the message to the receivers end.

Email: - 

Email is the most popular and widely used communication. Through E-mail you can send the data and information to others through computer having an internet connection.

The message is stored in the computer of the receiver, whenever he is free or on online he can open and read the emails sent by the receiver in order to send messages the users must have an address and passwords which are freely offered by many free websites.

Video Conferencing: -

A group of people at different places will interact without being present at the same place through video conferencing. The people at different places will come into a room where video cameras are fixed a television link is established among them. The views are exhibited in the T.V screens and the people can participate actively on seeing one another on TV not only pictures sound is also transmitted to the other end. It is easy to use but it needs heavy instrument, computer, video camera etc.

Internet relay Chat: -

It is the process of interactive communication with many different persons at the same time on computer. The email facility offers one side communication at one time in order to overcome this limitation we can have this chatting we can talk to other persons in real time to information that a person types appear instantly on the screen of another person. 


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