How to change background of an image?

How to change background of an image?

1.     Open the image in Adobe Photoshop using open dialog box
2.     Now right click on lasso tool and click on magnetic lasso tool.

back ground

3.     Then move the tool on the person‘s body outline.

back ground 1

 4.     Right click and click on layer via copy
back ground 2

5.     On the layer menu click on new then layer or press Shift+Ctrl+N.
  back ground 3
7.     Now open the new background image in Photoshop.

back ground 4

8.     Now select all the image by pressing Ctrl+A and copy using Ctrl+C.
 back ground 5
 9.     Now paste it on the original image using Ctrl+P.

back ground 6

10.                 Now delete the layer named Background

back ground 7

11.  Change the order of the two layers Layer 1 and layer 2.

back ground 8

12.  Now change the size of layer 2 using Ctrl+T.

back ground 9

13.  You are done as shown in figure.

back ground 10


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