Write About Features And Advantages Of Power Point?

Power point is the most powerful instrument to present your ideas through a pictorial way. The following are the important features of power point.

1. Ready made slides: -Since power point is having powerful wizards, we can prepare the slides easily and quickly. The auto content wizard option provides wizards to make the slides easily. The template provides a wide range of ready made designs to us.

2. Background Colours and effects: -We can have a wide variety of background colours for slides in power point on addition to colours we can also get different textures and shades in slides. We can also change the colour of existing wizards and templates.

3. Pictures: - Not only captions and different colours we can introduce good pictures either from clip art or from scanning the pictures.

4. Sounds: -Different sounds can be created while presenting the various slides. The sounds will have a pleasing effect on the viewers.

5. Animation: -Different animation techniques are also available in the slides. The letters and pictures will fly from top to bottom and from left to right. We can have many animating options, we can also get preview of various animation effects.

6. Charts and tables:-We can insert different charts and tables for expressing the data and information to the users. The different charts and tables in the MS excel can be easily imported into MS power point.

7. Time for slides: -We can prescribe the time automatically or manually for running and exhibiting slides.

For example we can set the time for 5 or 6 second for each slide to exhibit on the computer.

8.    Speaker Notes: - Speaker notes are the notes (other features) that can be included in the button of the slide so, that new ideas can be discussed during presentation.

Other Features: -

MS power point includes many other features like macro’s changing the colors to the slides, font etc. We can also change the order of slides using slide sorter view.

Advantages of power point: -

There are many advantages of computerized presentation.

1. The slides can be prepared for different types of audience i.e., literates, illiterates, children, old people etc..

2. They can be run automatically. There is no manual interference for running power point slide shows.

3. There is no problem of getting slides out of order.

4. We can take print outs of presentation and can be distributed to the audience. 

5. The audience will easily be attracted by the colourful slides with sound and animation techniques.

6. The built in designed templates allow the people to create power full slides very easily.

7. If we want to change a part of presentation, we need not change all the slides, we can change all slides by changing the master slide. 


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